Limited Immunity_


Limited Immunity is a production of Odd19 Studios. It is written and designed by Nathan St. Pierre and drawn to life by the inimitable artist Danielle Alexis St. Pierre. It is part of the larger universe which contains the characters and settings from Sin of Omniscience and Dealing With Darkness stories.

Limited Immunity is the story of one character who shapes the lives of many more: Leam O'Bahronn.

Leam O'Bahronn Headshot

At one point in his life, Leam O'Bahronn was considered a hero. If the heroes of today are lucky, they become forgotten tomorrow. If they are unlucky, they become the villains of the next generation.

Leam never saw much direction or vision in his life, but it never bothered him. Life was complicated enough without trying to carve some kind of meaning into the surface of it. He was amazed when he found purpose in war. The Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts did not fill him with any more patriotism than decades of living in a military family, but they taught him about his unique purpose in protecting those incapable of protecting themselves.

He discovers that the powers that be are more than he expected, and he has very little power to do anything to stop them. This only encourages him to do everything within his power to protect those who cannot protect themselves... no matter the cost.