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Evolution of travel

Evolution of travel -- Thursday, July 25, 2013

I don't want to keep going into the sausage-making process, but this has a lot of reference and explanation about the universe. Plausibility comes into play, especially in a sci-fi or fantasy world. This is our planet, but not. So someone's gonna explain the rules.

I wish someone would help me out with that here in meatspace. Apparently whispering to yourself while walking your dog is "creepy."

Anyway, this was the last issue we got out before our hiatus began. We originally started it in order to try and focus on SoO #2, and get ready for Wizard World Austin. By a pretty great set of circumstances, we ended up moving to Seattle, so we've had to re-prioritize everything during the move.

But as of writing this, we have an offer on our old house, we're planning some great cons, and we were just published on comixology, so things are getting back into the normal process.