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Not so alter ego

Not so alter ego -- Monday, May 20, 2013

So I couldn't resist the opportunity to make a Superman reference. I know DC has some pretty hefy laywers but this is clearly satire, right? Right? Well if I get sued they won't be able to take much.

So this script actually went through like five rounds of revisions on the day I was lettering it. Danielle only made one comment and it made me realize how many pieces of the dialogue fell apart when you let one thing be ambiguous.

Anyway, this page really lets us know that Leam is a smartass. This is a lot easier to maintain and establish than badass, especially earlier in the series. You'll also note we avoid showing his face for a really long time. Well enough about the sausage-making process. These pages came out one week at a time, so the audience kept e-mailing me demanding details I knew would be in the next week's page, so you (dear reader) have the advantage of being able to just hit next to see what the hell is going on here...