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Sensible perspectives

Sensible perspectives -- Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I got the most comments out of all our work on this page. People loved those flying toasters. I had asked Danielle to draw them into the script but unfortunately she was not the same kind of nerd as me in her childhood so he had no freaking clue what After Dark was. For the best, it made it easier for me to find some stock imagery to use without getting sued and just plop it in there.

There's always a lot to love about Danielle's lineart, I mean just look at it. But my favorite feature of this page is the steam coming off of Leam's cup of coffee. I love it, it's just the perfect blend of comic book and cartoon. We skirt that line sometimes but no matter what we always remember our comic book roots. We just don't do a superhero comic.

Which makes me feel better about directly referencing and mocking those comics.